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Activities at Glenbridge

At Glenbridge Health and Rehabilitation, we focus on providing residents with the best quality of life during the Covid-19 pandemic. We continue to offer activities seven days a week in their rooms and in the hallway with small groups. In order to promote safety, residents are socially distanced from one another, masks are worn, and…

Senior Living Dietary at Glenbridge Healthcare in Boone North Carolina

Nutrition and Dietary Services at Glenbridge

Nursing Homes And Nutrition Each Resident has a diet that is set just for their nutritional needs. It ranges from a regular diet to a thickened liquid diet. We have a renal diet for our dialysis residents. Renal diets consist of limiting fluid intake, making sure breakfast is served at a particular time, avoiding foods…

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VR Senior Vitality Suite

Perception and sense of reality have a profound effect on our very being. In this difficult time, it’s very clear how feelings of isolation and confinement affect everyone including our loved ones. Our VR Senior Vitality suite addresses these important issues to proactively improve the quality of life and care experience. This versatile suite is…