Glenbridge Logo and Bingo Balls

Activities at Glenbridge

At Glenbridge Health and Rehabilitation, we focus on providing residents with the best quality of life during the Covid-19 pandemic. We continue to offer activities seven days a week in their rooms and in the hallway with small groups. In order to promote safety, residents are socially distanced from one another, masks are worn, and hands are sanitized between any passed items such as microphones.

Activities at Glenbridge include:

  • Hallway BINGO
  • Hallway Music
    • Gospel and old country music are among our resident’s favorites!
  • Trip planning for spring-
    • We’re planning a trip to Lazy 5 Ranch, a Drive-Through Zoo.
  • Gardening
    • Caring for indoor plants and planting flower seedlings
  • Book Club
    • Where residents can exchange books once a week.
  • Crafts-
    • Art projects with painting, ceramics, and wood.
  • Jewelry Making
  • Jigsaw Puzzles and Crossword Puzzles
  • Holiday Parties
    • Celebrating National “Days of the Month” and National Holidays.
  • News and Mail
    • Passing out mail and newspapers/magazines to the residents.
  • Hallway Karaoke and Poem Recitals
  • Bowling

We promote spiritual involvement by listening to gospel music per resident request; we also have a prayer box set up that is picked up weekly by a local church. Reading material is also available. If the resident is unable to read, one of us will read aloud to them. We also have books on tape with a wide variety of choices. 

 The activities team also assists our residents with making video calls on programs like FaceTime with their family and friends when they want.

Like in most facilities, our residents #1 request is to play bingo! To promote safety, we create small groups 6 feet apart with masks on in the hallway. Residents get bingo dollars when they win, which they can then use to buy snacks, craft items, gifts, and reading materials at a monthly super sale.   

One unique activity our residents enjoy is our virtual reality system. Residents can use VR to virtually take a trip to the beach, practice mobility, or play games on our VR headsets.

All our activities are planned by choices voiced in Resident Council meetings or special requests from the residents.    

To learn more about our resident activities or set up an appointment for a new resident, contact us today!