Wound Care Center of Excellence

QSM Center of Excellence for Wound Management

Quality Surgical Management (QSM) has certified Glenbridge Health & Rehab as a Center of Excellence for Wound Care Management! 

Recognized as a “Center of Excellence,”  our skilled nursing home facility has established itself as offering superior quality and outcomes-focused wound management programs.

Glenbridge Quality Surgical Management Center of Excellence

To achieve this special designation, the center must possess the following:

  • A dedicated QSM Wound Certified Nurse(s) 7 days/week
  • A weekly QSM provider managing ALL wounds in the building
  • Less than a 1% wound-related re-hospitalization rate
  • Regular internal team meetings with a focus on quality and process improvement (QAPI)

We have partnered with QSM to bring physician-led bedside wound care to our facility. A QSM wound physician visits our facility weekly to treat our residents with wound and skin issues. This reduces the need to send our residents out to wound care centers or hospitals.

As with all other services offered in our skilled nursing home, our goal is to provide our residents with the best quality of life possible. Our wound care physician evaluates the patient for metabolic, nutritional, and vascular deficiencies to assure the fastest possible healing. This process leads to promising results and measurable changes in wound drainage, inflammation, swelling, wound dimensions, granulation tissue, and necrotic tissue.

For more information on our Wound Care Management program, please contact us today