Screenshot of Telehealth solutions web portal for Glenbridge Health & Rehabilitation

Telehealth Solutions

Welcome to Glenbridge partnered with TeleHealth Solution.


Glenbridge is much more than a place to live. We are committed to offering patients the best possible care. Meals, Transportation, and Home Maintenance are provided—and now Quality, Around-the-Clock Health Care, too.

Avoid emergency room visits so you can continue to lead a vibrant life with Glenbridge’s broad range of amenities and services.

No one pictures “avoidable trips to the emergency room” as part of living their well-earned retirement to its fullest. That’s why Glenbridge has partnered with TeleHealth Solution to give you:

  1. Experienced, board-certified doctors on-demand 24/7, who can provide each patient with the same level of care as a
    hospital. That means no emergency room: no ambulance ride, no waiting, no hospital bed, and no extra expenses. You
    or your loved one can stay in your own comfortable bed with your favorite caregivers at Glenbridge.
  2. With the push of a button, you will see our skilled doctor’s friendly smile on-screen with our interactive TeleMedicine carts. Our compassionate TeleHealth physicians can read the medical history and charts, order tests, and even listen to your heart with a virtual stethoscope!
  3. Glenbridge’s in-house, all-hours lab, and pharmacy give you instant care. A blood or urine sample can immediately be tested, and the proper medicine given right then.

Glenbridge with TeleHealth Solution in place is the obvious choice.

Benefit from the future of healthcare technology at Glenbridge, and live your well-earned retirement to its fullest.

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