Woman in wheelchair stands next to her physical therapist during rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Therapy

Nursing Rehabilitation Services in Boone, North Carolina

Our Therapy team is comprised of the most experienced therapists in the High Country, who are dedicated to delivering Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy that is effective and efficient. Each resident is assessed for therapeutic needs upon admission, with a plan prepared that is designed to get them whole and back to their pre-event activities with as little impact on the family as possible. Our two therapy gyms are each located in close proximity to the residents that they serve and on any given day you can see therapy goals being addressed in every area of our facility. Our therapists are solid, functionally based clinicians who are grounded in evidence-based practice and fully committed to getting the best performance and outcomes.

Our Physical Therapy department focuses on needs in the following areas:

  • Balance: to reduce fall risk and increase strength and endurance for safety during transfers, walking, and dynamic movement.
  • Lower Extremities: to increase strength, flexibility, and range-of-motion through strength training, exercises, and neuro/muscle re-education
  • Positioning and Mobility:  assessment and recommendation of devices and positioning equipment to reduce contracture risk and to increase functional mobility with adaptive equipment.

Our Occupational Therapy department focuses on needs in the following areas:

  • Activities of Daily Living:  to increase independence for eating and hygiene tasks with intervention for improved strength and endurance for tasks
  • Transfers: to provide intervention for improved strength, endurance, and safe performance of transfers to the bed, toilet, tub/shower.
  • Upper Extremities: to improve coordination, range of motion, strength, and endurance with exercises and neuro/muscle re-education.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists focus on needs in the following areas:

  • Diet Texture Analysis and Swallow Function: to increase the resident’s ability to safely and adequately consume foods and liquids according to their choice and physical function.
  • Cognitive Function and Communication:  to increase resident’s safety and functional communication in their environment through evidence-based functional and structured tasks that address speech, voice, hearing, expressive and receptive language function.

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