Respite & Hospice Care

About our Hospice and Respite Care Services

We recognize that, for some of our elders in residence, there may come a time when their needs are best met by our community partners who specialize in the delivery of end-of-life services. That need is met for our resident elders by Medi Home Hospice and by Amorem Hospice Care. Both agencies are staffed by caring professionals who seamlessly provide a valuable service to our Glenbridge family.

Amorem Hospice and Palliative Care

Amorem Hospice Care has made our services available to long-term-care facility residents who need specialized end-of-life care. Amorem Hospice Care and the long-term-care facilities listed below developed a working partnership to provide specialized care and emotional support for residents and their families. Our partnership with long-term-care facilities is based on our shared beliefs that the facility is “home” to many patients and that these patients have the right to receive hospice care when needed. We will always place the residents and their families at the heart of these services.

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Medi Home Hospice

Medi Home Hospice is about helping individuals and their families share the best days possible as they deal with a life-limiting illness. It’s about adding quality of life, and helping you live those days as you choose. Our hospice care services provide a specialized program of care for patients and their families facing life-limiting illnesses. A team of professionals coordinates this specialized program and the care you receive.

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