Glenbridge Health & Rehabilitation logo on left, elderly woman wearing VR headset on right

VR Senior Vitality Suite

Perception and sense of reality have a profound effect on our very being. In this difficult time, it’s very clear how feelings of isolation and confinement affect everyone including our loved ones.

Our VR Senior Vitality suite addresses these important issues to proactively improve the quality of life and care experience. This versatile suite is ideal for skilled nursing, assisted living, and post-acute rehabilitation facilities.

At Glenbridge, we are constantly providing new and innovative ways to address these important issues. We are proud to offer our residents the cutting-edge Senior Vitality virtual reality systems by WayaHealth ( ) to improve their quality of life. These systems are designed by board-certified physicians to safely promote mental and physical engagement and have shown to reduce stress and discomfort in clinical settings. These VR systems will be available for residents on-demand throughout our facility.