Glenbridge Health and Rehabilitation logo on left. Woman with prosthetic leg on right.

Success Story: Janetta Smith

Name: Mrs. Smith
Diagnosis: History of fractures
Discharge Location: Previous Living Arrangement

Success Story: Janetta Smith, an 87-year-old energetic resident of Glenbridge SNF, was admitted to this facility, via transfer, to be closer to family. Janetta came to us with a slow to heal closed fracture at the distal end of her left residual limb. At the time of her PT evaluation on 12/2/19, she was completely independent with all functional mobility at the wheelchair level and all ADL’s. My question to Janetta “what is your personal goal” (Marty Meredith PT), without hesitation she replied, “to walk again”. This is where Janetta Smith’s fantastic rehabilitation journey began.

The most difficult part of this journey was understanding which orthotic/prosthetic company had initially fabricated her left above-knee prosthesis. The company, after multiple visits for remeasuring, making modifications and adjustments, finally fabricated a new left leg prosthesis this was presented to Janetta. With strengthening, balance reeducation, and progressive gait
training, she quickly progresses to participating in a restorative program to maintain her ability to ambulate and to get stronger. However, Janetta’s problem was the weight of her leg, she was finding it difficult to don and doff her L leg without max A from staff.

Janetta eventually came back onto therapy for another re-vision due to the difficulty of advancing such a heavy limb. Christine Hill, Sunshine Prosthetics, was contacted for the reassessment. Immediately, the resident started returning to a new level of freedom. Even though she still requires someone near, Janetta’s one goal, “to walk again” had come full circle. Janetta can now don and doff her left limb with SBA, and is currently working on advancing her ADL goals with her limb on in her room.