Helping Seniors in the Business Office at Glenbridge Healthcare and Rehabilitation

Business Office Manager at Glenbridge

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How the Business Office Manager Helps New Nursing Facility Residents

The Business Office Manager at Glenbridge Health & Rehabilitation is responsible for overseeing financial operations for the facility. This role may also include managing secretarial and accounting personnel.

They also deal with insurance payments, including private, Medicare, and Medicaid. Business office managers also maintain Medicaid logs and assist families in processing Medicaid applications. They also maintain resident files, serving as a liaison with families and community agencies, and reconciling cash accounts each month. Business office managers also sometimes manage spending accounts and petty cash for residents to have access to cash for personal needs.

Business office managers also educate families of Long Term Care Residents on financial responsibilities and the cost of care, both with insurance and without.

If you have questions about insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, skilled nursing facility information for North Carolina or need a review of a financial situation, please contact us today and we will be there to help!